Final Post I Promise!

Hi 3O,

Just a quick message to thank you for the kind gifts and all the beautiful cards. You guys are the absolute best! In regards to holiday tasks, I have assigned the kids 30 or so tasks on Matific for them to do. Apologies that time has got away from me a bit but I will email some parents directly with some sheets I find along the way which your kids will enjoy. Kids, as promised I think this highlights us…we can be serious when we need to but we also love having fun! Some images have been protected for privacy.

Have a happy and safe Christmas everyone!

Mr. O : )

Thank You!

Dear 3O,

Firstly, I’d like to thank the 3O parents community. Your encouragement throughout the semester has been greatly appreciated. Whether it be your emails, phone calls or catch ups before or after school I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more supportive network of parents so thank you very much. You should all be incredibly proud of your child’s achievements this year : )

I would like to thank Ms. Ghiotti for having a baby otherwise I wouldn’t have had this opportunity. Laura helped me through the transition period which made things a lot easier. Thao Jayasinghe has done a brilliant job as our parent rep. Thanks for your time and effort Thao, in particularly with the Fete organisation…you delivered a fantastic stall!

Last but not least (of course) I want to thank the 24 students of 3O for a fantastic semester. It’s not easy having a change of teachers but you embraced the change and me as your new teacher for which I am very thankful. You have all done some brilliant learning and have tackled tasks with energy and enthusiasm. You have been met with and overcome challenges along the way and have accomplished many triumphs. My highlights have been our Adventure Day experience, our School Dance and watching you perform, seeing you all have so much fun during swimming sessions, the daily banter and good times we share in class, our additional lunchtime sessions where you have shown extra commitment, and all the times of teaching a new lesson and seeing your faces when you have that light bulb moment!

I have been proud to be your Grade 3 teacher and it has been a privilege to teach you all. Keep working hard, never give up and most importantly….have fun! Although my Grade 3 teaching journey ends with you tomorrow, my promise to all 3O parents is that I will always have time, will always be there and will always look out for your son/daughter throughout their schooling at Heidelberg Primary.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas and New Year…see you all in 2019!

Mr. O : )

Almost There!

Hi 3O,

A couple of pictures from our day today where the kids had a great time. A special thanks to Thao for helping me out : ) If the weather holds off tomorrow, we will be having an assembly from 12:30pm – 1:20pm before being dismissed from our classrooms at 1:30pm. Should the rain be threatening, we will be having a split assembly with our class in the BER with the Grade 3-6 students.

Week 10 & 11 in 3O

Dear parents and carers,

As you all know its been a big couple of weeks in room 19 and the show rolls on tomorrow with Mr. Jackson’s Movie Day. The last few weeks has seen us work in groups to complete our Integrated Studies unit on “Creating Our Own Island”. Led wonderfully by the captains of each group, the work completed was exceptional! As you can tell from the photos, everyone should be commended for their teamwork on this project.

We also welcomed Holly and Alice from Grade 6 into the class room to help with our Christmas activities.

We had our final buddy session for the year which was awesome! Our kids made a special Story Box library video and read to the Grade 1’s. This was followed by some fun games and sharing a video together. Ms. Galvins’ Grade 1’s have been brilliant for our kids. I’ve been incredibly impressed by the way our kids show their leadership qualities and really help support the learning of the younger kids.

Today was our class party and the kids had a ball! Over the course of the year our kids have formed really strong friendships with one another as you can tell from the photos. It was great to celebrate the hard work that the students have put in over the course of the year and just enjoy each others company.

Finally, I’ll be offering the kids some activity sheets on areas they’d like to work on over the break if they’re interested. I’m more than happy to get this together, so parents/carers/students feel free to let me know if you’d like me to organise this.

Just two days to go and one final post for year!!

Mr. O : )


Week 10 Important Information

Image result for Christmas at school

Hi 3O,

Some information that will help us all to remember our Week 10 coming up!

Day in the Life – This will take place on Tuesday 11th December. Students will step up to Grade 4 for the first 4 sessions of the day! Children will not be grouped into their classes for next year.

Homework– There will be no homework in weeks 10 and 11.

Buddy Swimming– Buddy swimming is happening on Friday 14th December at our normal time of 2:00pm. Please note that this is the last week of buddy swimming for the year.

Workbooks– 2018 books will be sent home at the end of week 10. Please ensure your child has a bag to carry these home in as they may not all fit in school bags. I’ll try and stagger these over 2 nights to help our backs : )

Mr Jackson’s Movie Day– Please make sure you have paid for your child to attend Movie Day on Thursday 20th of December. Payments and consent are now being accepted through compass.

Children Giving to Children– Any donations for the Children giving to Children program can be brought to the classroom.

Lets have another fantastic week in Room 19!

Mr. O : )

Health Alert

Image result for health alert

Dear Parents,

You may or may not be aware that there are a number of viruses moving there way through the 3/4 area at the moment. Please ensure that if your child is unwell, it’s important to keep them away from school for as long as they need to recover.

If you need any further information on whooping cough or anything at all about this post please do not hesitate to contact me or Sue Zerna in the first aid room.

Thank you for your help in this matter and let’s hope we are all healthy and happy for Santa’s arrival!

Mr. O : )

Week 8 in 3O

During our Literacy sessions we learnt how to write a haiku and cinquain poem! These poems have a very distinct structure (syllables, descriptive words, synonyms, feelings and emotions) and the kids did a fabulous job. Check out some of our pieces : )

We have a lot of fun with our Grade 1 buddies. This week we worked together to estimate what tasks we could do in 1 minute. Some tasks were more strenuous and a lot louder than others (rolls, tumble turns, clapping, hopping) while others involved shoe lace tying, writing our name and even doing hard maths problems!

This week in Integrated Studies we worked in different groups to create our own island. Our island is to be mapped and have its own identity (including flag, national anthem, climate, buildings and features). Each group has an assigned leader, as discussed by the members of each group, who are then responsible for ensuring each member completes their part in the project.


Week 7 in 3O

In week 7, we worked in groups to research a neighbouring country of ours. We then compiled our research, which included local foods, vegetation, climate, rivers and mountains and conducted a presentation based on our findings. 3O students can talk so the quality of presentations was very high. Fantastic work by everyone!

Mr.O also found a piece of paper circulating the room, only to find it was a petition to have an additional double maths session in the week. The kids loved working on our challenging fractions tasks : )

HPS Wine and Beer Raffle!

HPS is gearing up for Christmas with a

Carols Night Wine & Beer Raffle

with lots of prizes to choose from including;

mixed wine hampers, festive fizz and beer hampers.

HPS parents, families & friends can purchase raffle tickets in advance.

Tickets will be available from our classroom on Monday or from the office at just $2 per ticket or $5 for 3 tickets.

Raffle drawn on Carols Night.

Good luck!